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Jack Belding

Engineer, Entreprenuer, Enthusiast

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My Story

Hello reader! Thank you for your interest in my portfolio :) My story began at Michigan State University as a chemical engineer, and I took my first coding class as a college requirement. I started with MATLAB, and in a few weeks, I was hooked (yes, you read that correctly). I changed my major, graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science, and I have never looked back. I credit this to my belief that technology can benefit billions of lives.

Since my transition, I’ve explored embedded systems, back-end, and front-end development. My passion is reserved for mobile app development, particularly iOS. I’ve released two monetized apps on the App Store, and I plan to continue both learning and pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities in the information technology industry!

Fun Facts

  • Loyal Michiganer and enjoyer of it's beauty
  • Raced Snowboard Slalom for Michigan State University Ski and Snowboard Team
  • Retired Tech House/Techno DJ, amature producer
  • Semi-enthusiastic weightlifter


Interest Swift
Interest Kotlin
Interest Python
Interest C/C++
Interest Java
Interest JavaScript


Android App


An immersive multiplayer battleship game app that allows players to strategically deploy and sink their opponents' fleets in real-time naval combat.

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Desktop App

Audio Synthesizer

An audio synthesiser capable of creating and playing a minute long drumline with various effects.

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Let's Build The Future

Please feel free to reach out to me via email, or connect with me on LinkedIn. I'm always eager for new and exciting opportunities.